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Get a head start on higher returns

Raise is a membership where you earn the returns of a large initial position we invest on your behalf. No fees, no commissions, no nonsense.

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Legal stuff: All investments of any kind are subject to market performance and volatility. We cannot promise anything!

Invest, like never before.

We supply the initial capital to take investing to the next level

Make a large investment, early

When you sign up, we invest a lump sum of our money into an index fund on your behalf. Over time, you keep 100% of the returns on that investment in exchange for a monthly membership payment.

More money makes more money

Compounding returns are more effective when paired with a large upfront investment. With Raise, you earn returns on an outsized principal that would take you years to accrue on your own.

Diversify across the entire economy

Picking stocks is a losing game. We invest in one thing, the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index, which means your earnings are tied to the entire US equities market, not a specific company's success.

When life changes - we're flexible

We get it - life has a way of getting in the way! That's why, with Raise, you can upgrade, downgrade, or exit your membership at any time. No matter what, the earnings are yours to keep.

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With Raise

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What Raise invests


Raise memberships start at just $25/month. You can upgrade, downgrade, or exit at any time.

It's a "get rich slow" scheme

Smart investors know that total-market exposure has always been the most consistent vehicle for accruing long-term wealth. You know the game: buy right and sit tight.

You don't need an advisor, so don't pay for one

VTI has had an average annual return of 17.8% over its lifetime. With numbers like that, you don't need a financial advisor taking a cut of your earnings every year.

Our financial goals are aligned with yours

Other financial products make money by charging you penalties and fees or by promoting unhealthy investment practices (PFOF). We make our money from your membership payments, which entitles you to the returns of our investment. That's it.

Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund

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You decide what you pay

Upgrade, downgrade, or exit at any time - really.

Monthly membership

Memberships start at $25/month and increase in $25 increments. The investment we make is proportionate to your membership - so choose the amount that works for you.

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Still have questions?

For those who need more convincing, take a gander...

Why can't I just go out and do this myself?

The only way to replicate the returns that Raise is able to provide is by having a large amount of cash to invest upfront - something most people don't have lying around. You do have a monthly budget though, and we can work with that to give you a head start to a better financial future.

Who owns the principal investment?

Raise owns the principal investment, a.k.a the money we invest upfront on your behalf. By paying your subscription fee you earn 100% of the returns that investment makes.

What do I get?

In exchange for your monthly membership fee, you get the future earnings of a large position in the stock market. Specifically, we invest only in index funds, which means our positions own fractional stocks in every company traded on U.S. stock markets. It's like betting on the entire economy's long-term success, rather than the success of a specific company.

What happens when the market takes a 💩?

The U.S. economy has recovered from every economic downturn it has ever faced, including 48 recessions. While smart investors know its best to weather the storm, Raise also provides complimentary down-market insurance to all customers to ensure your balance doesn't dip below its initial value. In the unlikely event that the entire U.S. economy permanently collapses, we'll all have bigger problems.

How does Raise make money?

Our main innovation at Raise is our business model, which brings together long and short-term interests in a way that benefits all parties. Your monthly membership payment serves as our source of regular recurring revenue, enabling us to grow your long-term wealth.

How do I know which membership is right for me?

Take a look at your budget and see what you can comfortably afford to put towards investing for your future. Choose your membership based on this number.

If I can downgrade or exit at any time, what's the catch?

Legit - there's no catch. A temporary financial hardship shouldn't have to derail a long-term investment, so we built Raise to be able to adjust with your changing circumstances.

Why am I paying a membership fee to invest?

In order for you to see substantial future returns, we're investing a large sum of our money for you. Your membership fee secures you 100% of the earnings of this investment for as long as you choose to keep the membership going.

What is my Raise portfolio invested in?

Raise invests in Vanguard's Total Stock Market Index Fund, which buys the US stock market - all of it. When you own a piece of every company, as America's economy expands, so too does your wealth.

Why should I join the waitlist?

We're really excited about changing the way Americans build wealth. If you want to join us on the journey and be the first in line when we launch, sign up.

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