Get a head start on higher returns

Introducing a new kind of long-term investment service. You earn the returns of a large initial investment we make on your behalf, no crypto involved.

$300 per month with

Raise Financial



The Raise Difference

Rather than investing what you can every month, we start you out with a large upfront investment. Turns out, that difference... makes all the difference.


1. Choose a membership

We'll work with you to pick a monthly membership that fits your budget.


2. We put our money to work for you

We invest an initial lump sum of our money, proportionate to your membership, into index funds and bonds.


3. Watch your money grow

Your membership entitles you to 100% of the returns of our investment.


4. Retire in 20 to 30 years

When you're ready to retire, exit your membership. We recoup our initial investment and wire you the returns.


Earn more than you could if you did this on your own.


Upgrade, downgrade, or exit at any time.


Set it and forget it investment, it's the same amount every month.


You don't get to pick and choose your investments by hand.

Save for now, for later, and for those you love

Long-term investment, short-term cash accounts, and educational savings form the trifecta of saving nirvana.


Long-term investment with better returns than you can find anywhere else


Park your cash somewhere safe with an industry-leading 2% APY


Save for future educational expenses with the help of friends and family

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