Financial solutions for today’s

Achieving long-term financial stability doesn’t have to be so damn hard. We’re creating the financial tools of the future to help you get ahead today.

A totally different approach to investing - we provide you with the compounding returns of a large, initial investment in the total U.S. stock market in exchange for a monthly membership.

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While other savings products are tied to interest rates, we offer a fixed-rate 3% high-yield savings account, so you can grow your extra cash or rainy-day fund without worrying when the Fed is going to adjust rates.

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Crowdfund your child’s education with the help of friends and family. Tuition, room and board, books, and meals at the “caf” all included. Saving for college doesn't have to be so scary!

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Invest for the long-term

Introducing a new kind of long-term investment service - we're doing for stock ownership what the mortgage did for home ownership. You earn the returns on a large, initial investment we make on your behalf.

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$300 per month with

Raise Financial



A new way to invest

No other investment gives you the opportunity to get a head start on your future earnings, while working within today’s budgets.

Tried and True

We're not doing anything fancy here - we invest in a diverse and proven strategy to safely maximize returns.

Forever flexible

We don't lock you in - you're free to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your membership at any time. We'll wire you your returns and shake hands with a smile.


Save for the short-term

High-yield savings accounts are all the rage today, but they are tied to fluctuating interest rates and change without warning. We created a new type of savings account that gives you a fixed-rate 3% APY. Better still, if you also use Raise Investment or Raise Education, we'll kick it up a notch - bam!

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Raise Savings

The Competition

Fixed-rate forever

Get the flexibility of a savings account with the guaranteed fixed-rate of a CD - and no, not the kind you make a mixtape with.

Bundle for a better rate

Want to earn an even higher rate? Use our other products and gain an APY boost.

No fees, no problem

Many savings accounts come with hidden fees and conditions - Raise Savings is free to use and will remain that way.


Plan for those you love

Saving for college is a daunting task, but you can now make it easier by inviting your friends and family to help out. Raise Education offers 529 education savings accounts boosted by the power of the crowd.

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Assuming an initial balance of $10,000 and monthly deposits of $200. Most 529 providers have less than 1% of external contributions, Raise Education averages 7.8%. Savings account API is the industry average at 0.4%, while we presume 529 accounts will grow by industry average 7% annually.

Get help from loved ones

Empower friends and family to help you in the journey of saving for college - after all, it takes a village!

Free forever

Whether you have 2 accounts or 10, we'll help get you set up. Raise Education is free to use and takes five minutes to start saving!

Tax-free returns

All returns earned on your Raise Education accounts are tax-free, meaning Uncle Sam can't take a penny!

Follow our mission to redesign financial stability

You’re not crazy - it’s harder to save for your financial future than it’s ever been before, and it’s totally not your fault. Unique economic forces prevent today’s young people from adequately saving for their future. Why?

You're not paid enough

Wages haven’t meaningfully increased in 45 years, yet everything around you is getting more expensive.

You've got student debt

Americans owe a total of $1.75 trillion in student debt, just so they can get a job to pay off student debt.

You can't buy a house

Buying a home is out of reach because down payments and interest rates are through the roof.

While there are no cheat codes to unlock today’s financial system, we’ve found some pretty creative ways to make it work for everyday people like you and me. Want to know more?

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